Chirps: #dreamsicles

#dreamsicles I have Twinkle Toes if anyone is interested. Please email me at
Feb 19
#dreamsicles is this site active? I have a dreamsicle collection I'd like to sell.
15 hours ago
#classifieds #dreamsicles looking to sell part of my collection if interested please email me
Jan 24
#classifieds#dreamsicles I'd like to sell my entire Dreamsicles collection. No boxes, great condition.Email for list
2 hours ago
#dreamsicles How do I go about posting pictures and such?
Apr 10
#Dreamsicles I have a 63 piece set, none of which I see here, all fair to good condition. Most still have signature, 36 still have sticker.
Apr 10
Please Help, looking for "sign of love", it has sign language I love you and sits on mantle#dreamsicles
Jan 2
#dreamsicles How do you post to sell? Can not figure it out. Also I have 13 dreamsicles that I do not see on here at all.
Nov 23
#dreamsicles trying to figure out how this website works, we have over 50 dreamsicles that we are selling, some are rare and expensive.
Nov 14
#classifieds I have so many dreamsicles in my collection that I need to get rid of. How does this website work? #dreamsicles
Jul 20
#dreamsicles I have three pieces to sell. Dreamsicle Logo #DC003; Calendar Collectible-October #10545; Sisters #DC427
Jul 12
I have a large collection of pieces dated 1993 thru 1999, some are club pieces. Would like to see the lot of them. 100+ pieces #dreamsicles
Jun 3
I have a very large collection and am looking to sell. I have several globes and some in the Golden collection as well. #dreamsicles
May 18
#dreamsicles looking to sell whole collection
Feb 25
I have a large collection that I want to sell, how do I sell? #dreamsicles
Feb 25
How do I sell?#dreamsicles
Jan 19
Just wondering if this was a current site #dreamsicles
Dec 26
I have a large collection that I am looking to sell....let me know what you are looking for :) #dreamsicles
Dec 17
Large collection of Dreamsicles - looking to sell #classified #dreamsicles
Nov 9
#dreamsicles hello, i have a large collection - if anyone is interested, let me know. figurines, plates, stuffed.
May 9

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